Thursday, 17 May 2012

LUDUS Stuff- one last time

Been tinkering away at the LUDUS project as well. I was asked to do some more shots of the robot from various sides and doing various things. The most key of which involved creating lasers (YAY!). The hardest part of this was taking the various concept art I had been given and trying the break it apart, fill in the gaps and making working models. While this would look very strange on human or animal characters, it lends itself very nicely to the blocky form of the robots and adds a sense of robotic-ness (its a real word!) to the movement. so after establishing whether alex wanted 'pew-pew' star wars lasers or particle heavy thunderbolt launchers I set to work (in case you cant tell, he asked for pew-pew) a quick word from alex asking for a colour correction then expanding on the motion then some side shots- this model I had to build almost from scratch 9and it shows) Here's one showing a bit of movement (sort of) And here is a lovely establishing shot of a robot about to power up Unfortunately, Alex lost most of his other animators and so decided to cut the project down from a full pilot episode, to a commercial. Though hopefully this means some of the shots I did can make it to the final product.

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