Monday, 27 February 2012

ludus stuff + stupid stuff

did another thing fo rthe ludus guy, this one being part of the early scenes revealing the robot

.....and then i fell down my stairs, so while injured i decided to do a bit of silly stp-frame with a russian doll i stole

Thursday, 23 February 2012

the ludus project

right so i have been slacking off from my blog majorly as I find it a bit of a pain, so there will be a few posts coming up from all the stuff i did last semester. For now I am posting up some work I am doing for a 3rd year media student, who is designing some kind of science-fiction epic. the pilot seems pretty cool, and though I am down as an animator/compositor, I have been showing my director lots of ways in which a bit of simple AE can work wonders. Mostly been playing with the concept art which can be found here

so heres some establishing shots I have done so far, pretty minimal, some minor set extansions etc, but the director seems really happy which is great

space entrance scenes

asked me to fit it more to concepts, wil;l remove some blur when i get the proper textures through

pretty happy with this shot


and cityscape with some cutting (director very happy with this shot, though has asked for less sand)

and with less sand

more to come, very psyched up thgis term :)