Tuesday, 19 October 2010

sad sad day...

Well here's the version of a sad walk, it was a bit rushed as I was aiming to have this in before midnight.

It's ok, I'm not particularly amazed at my ability here, but I think I managed to create some sense of a sombre stroll. For some reason I couldn't seem to get rid of the slight hover during the crossover of the legs. I think for the next project I will try using the bone tool but much more meticulously. Using more bones and animating frame by frame rather than relying on flash to interpret the movements I want.

Walk before you can run

Well, we're back to walking. Not a lot to report on this one. Been experimenting with the bone tool in flash for this project. The tool itself does appear to be useful on the surface but I've found that it comes with a lot of limitations. My first video I did using this tool I am almost thankful to say became corrupted. But I did another one here

Nothing particularly amazing here. Am currently working on a 'sad' walk using the same character. Mainly because this character is so featureless that it will give me a good challenge in trying to convey emotion. More on this to come....

We have also been told to start thinking about what we want to do for our Experimental project, in which we have been given several sound clips which we have to animate to. The animation should have some sense of the feelings and emotions that are created by the sound. I have decided on the piece that I will be working to which I will upload (probably alongside my first cuts as I can't work out how to upload just the soundfile onto this blog yet). Inspired by the autumn and the great wealth of coloured and deformed plant matter in the local area I have decided to do a stop frame animation using these bits of leaves and such to create an image in time with the music. My missus returned home with some liquid gold leaf t'other day, so I'm hoping to pilfer that and see if I cant get it involved somehow. Should have some image sketches drawn up in the next couple of days

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

a little follow up to the heavy lifting project, I didnt really feel like I conveyed the weight of the object in my last video so here is something i knocked up in flash. it feels a bit mechanical but this is only my second film using flash. for some reason the movie that was produced is a little buggy but i tried three times and they all came out a bit dodgey. sé la ve.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

back to the slog

Well it's been a week since I started again at university after a summer of not doing too much.

I have some storyboards an such to be uplater, but for now here is an animatic of a man lifting a heavy object. Personally I think it needs a bit more work done, the first shot in particular needs to go on a tad longer, and it all feels a bit too fast. perhaps some added drawings or different framerate. I am currently working on some alternates in flash.

To come: a storyboard done over summer, some storyboards I had for this little project and a couple for a series of short films I am planning.