Friday, 10 June 2011

Pitch project

This project was based around creating an animation bible for pitch to an actual person from industry. Unfortunately for me it clashed with some work that I was doing out of town, so I was forced to talk to my group and take a very back-seat role.

However they have all been working dilligantly at it and you can see the various fruits of their labours here¬if_t=group_activity

I was only able to render out a quick background and a couple of concept sketches, but my external HD is being a bitch so I will have to try and get them up in the near future...

more vfx

Found some more of the VFX stuff that was done for fortune st that was hidden away in my youtube uploads. Again im still not able to say whether any of this was used in the final renders....

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

the negotiated brief

For this brief I had to meet with my tutors several times and discuss an idea that I wanted to make into a brief. The idea could be anything essentially, so I decided to investigate a special type of effect known as 'slit-scan'.

Here's an example

and this is from 2001: a space odyssey the first major commercial use of the effect.

I decided to use a P2 camera to get my own footage. I decided to focus on fire spinning and circus skills. Partly because it's a hobby of mine that I have yet to incorporate somehow, but mostly because of the exaggerated movements within the body to create fluid manipulations of objects.
I shot the footage at 50fps for slow motion, knowing i can always speed it up again in post.

Also some videos tend to go out of focus and zoom erratically, this is because I wanted avriety in my footage so I could see how different film styles would work.

One of the key differences when working with this effect digitally is that the computer uses an alpha ramp as a means of working out how to distort the frames in either direction. With this in mind I also set about doing some experiments with various types of alpha channels including fractal noise to various degrees of distortion and trying to incorporate movement into the alpha as well.

There's a lot more to come but I have to get away from the computer for a few days. Generally out of these first filming sessions i learned that there is a lot to be found in distorting the light sources such as the LED or the fire. My next shoot, I used a pitch black photography studio and the LED staff to produce some really cool movies for slit-scanning.

SOme vfx

Here's a couple of the VFX test files from my work with Fortune St,

not much i know, but im still not allowed to post anything until the project goes live