Thursday, 17 May 2012

LUDUS Stuff- one last time

Been tinkering away at the LUDUS project as well. I was asked to do some more shots of the robot from various sides and doing various things. The most key of which involved creating lasers (YAY!). The hardest part of this was taking the various concept art I had been given and trying the break it apart, fill in the gaps and making working models. While this would look very strange on human or animal characters, it lends itself very nicely to the blocky form of the robots and adds a sense of robotic-ness (its a real word!) to the movement. so after establishing whether alex wanted 'pew-pew' star wars lasers or particle heavy thunderbolt launchers I set to work (in case you cant tell, he asked for pew-pew) a quick word from alex asking for a colour correction then expanding on the motion then some side shots- this model I had to build almost from scratch 9and it shows) Here's one showing a bit of movement (sort of) And here is a lovely establishing shot of a robot about to power up Unfortunately, Alex lost most of his other animators and so decided to cut the project down from a full pilot episode, to a commercial. Though hopefully this means some of the shots I did can make it to the final product.

Red or Dead

So, it's that time of year again where i realise I have neglected my blog and must now rush to put all my lovely bits n bobs on display. This post will be a compilation of the Red or Dead branding project we did. Essentially the design label/ camden high st store Red or Dead sent a circular around several universities asking animation students to help create some advertisements between 30-60 secondsin length, selling their products by relating them to an old fable called 'The Enchanted Horse'. So essentially they were after a bit of free branding design. I signed up to a project early on when they gave their pitches as a post production animator. However there was some confusion as to which group I was in for several weeks (and the distraction of dissertation research). But I eventually found my group just as they were approaching a time when they wanted some post production. They asked me to get some key shots of a bike wheel that they needed to put in, nicely green screened. My initial attempts went well However it seemed that this project was not going to get finished on time (I'm honestly unsure as to what they were up to before I showed up besides knocking up a rough animatic and some character designs) and unfortunately the leader of our group decided to abandon ship and axe the whole project, so without much of a hoo ha heres the stuff I did while briefly working with this group. Here are some very dodgy gs removals I was working on. I was given some low rez jpegs, which i requested to re-shoot, unfortunately by then the project had been cancelled. as you can see- horrible.... Here, I was asked to create an effect of a constantly moving coat covered in a map image supplied by RoD Shame this never made it, i thought it worked quite well.... All was not completely lost however, as our group dissolved I looked around and found another group who were scrambling to get their stuff finished on time and gleefully threw a shot at me to work on. Their project was far more structured, if a lot more ambitious, trying to portray a manic episode. their pre-production work can be found here They asked me to do yet another rotoscope/ colour keying job involving a bicyle (hey, stick to what you know right?) Fortunately the footage they gave me was a bit better quality than the last image sequance id gotten. here's a straight key here I tinker with making the wheels look right Here i used a roto bruch first then did both a keylight and some colour correction, (the harsh edge would be taken out later) And there you go, Bit of a shambles this project, once again caused by the people in charge being too nice to order people about. But at least I got my name on a couple of projects...

Monday, 27 February 2012

ludus stuff + stupid stuff

did another thing fo rthe ludus guy, this one being part of the early scenes revealing the robot

.....and then i fell down my stairs, so while injured i decided to do a bit of silly stp-frame with a russian doll i stole

Thursday, 23 February 2012

the ludus project

right so i have been slacking off from my blog majorly as I find it a bit of a pain, so there will be a few posts coming up from all the stuff i did last semester. For now I am posting up some work I am doing for a 3rd year media student, who is designing some kind of science-fiction epic. the pilot seems pretty cool, and though I am down as an animator/compositor, I have been showing my director lots of ways in which a bit of simple AE can work wonders. Mostly been playing with the concept art which can be found here

so heres some establishing shots I have done so far, pretty minimal, some minor set extansions etc, but the director seems really happy which is great

space entrance scenes

asked me to fit it more to concepts, wil;l remove some blur when i get the proper textures through

pretty happy with this shot


and cityscape with some cutting (director very happy with this shot, though has asked for less sand)

and with less sand

more to come, very psyched up thgis term :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

IMax stuff

Unfortunately I have lost a lot of my rough cuts, somewhere within the 100 odd GB this project ate off of my computers HD. I have however found some of the key cuts, and of course the long awaited (or at least the long-hyped) final cuts complete with sound and all. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, from the late night re-edits to the early morning skype meetings with the art-director. Who to her credit is mad as hell but does know when things need a few frames shaved off for seemingly no reason. I found it very useful having meetings every other day and found that I was able to meet the demanding work shcedule, having only 10-14 days to actually work on this, including rendering, music sampling and arranging, particle creation, motion graphics and then doing half of it again in Russian. Overall I really learned a lot both about how much I can rely on myself to be able to do as well as the demands of the industry. It has done nothing but re-enforce my desire to work in th eindustry. Now enough blabbing on my end.

These first four videos are for the animatic, sorting out the timing and such, at this point nothing was under copyright, so the maimn issue was just to see how the text could look along with some particle experiments.

Finished animatic

Now unfortunately due to me foolishly saving multiple versions within thesame after effects file it has been almost impossible to track down the significant renders, however many of these would just be timing tweaks with little bits fitted on to the explosion.

So here's the final products, I would like to thankk all the guys at Fortune St. for having me work on this project and for being wonderful people to work with ( and thats not just cause im hoping they'll invite me to the grand iMax opening ).

and in russian

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

some more random stuff

been doing some more after effects tutorials trying to expand into the other elements of the trapcode package, mainly form and shine which can give some great results.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

more vj stuff

not sure if it's a bit too busy now but im still quite happy with it, might try a new project with softer colours