Friday, 26 November 2010


Had some major computer problems lately, but they seem to have been resolved, though re-backing up everything has been very tedious.

Hre are the much belated vids from the expression changes.

Here is the facial expressions, I was shooting for surprised joy, which I think I captured well, however I think I need to try drawing at 24fps for my actual 11 second club submission.

And here is the final version (had a bit of trouble editing within flash and was in a bit of a rush to get this finished, but i think the general idea went off ok. It has some very obvious clunky moments which I will need to work on. The basic lessons I have learned here is to not rely on motion tweens as they look terrible.

Here we have a test animatic for my flower animation. I had a terrible cough while making this which made the whole process a lot more tedious and difficult than it needed to be. Also I couldn't work out how to fix the lighting (cameras not being one of my strongest points) but it gives the overall idea. I also realised that I needed to scale the images up.

Unfortunately this idea didn't pan out too well as I couldn't resolve the lighting and focus issues and the deadline began looming all to close for my comfort. So I decided to go back to one of my first loves of animation- Jan Svankmajer. In particular the film "table manners". I decided that I wanted to do my own strange animation. And so it was done!

This second cut was done in order to tweak the timing slightly as the brief mentioned heavily that the images on screen needed to sync up with the music. Aside from a couple of blurred shots that snuck by I was overall happy with the result, even trying to use the blurred image to my advantage by trying to time them with the music as well. Almost as a sign that reality has shifted within the film- though I could just be trying to be a bit arty with that one....

Now I have turned my attentions back to my 11 second club entry. If you want to find the rules and soundclips or enter then you can find it at

For the fire SFX and the subject of What could have been stolen I decdided on a nice shiney Cadillac. Can't say I know for why, but it just seemed right. Plus I've been wanting to draw one for ages...


And here is the shinier version


And here we have the background to my first scenelet. I'm thinking of taking the pixel ratio up to 1080 if only to show off more of my shiny caddy...

I am also going to have to find out how to stop random bits not being rendered properly...

Not much time left now so am going to have to hit the grindstone hard and hopefully this should all be in soon.
Have split the audio into it's individual sections for each shot. Will get dopesheets and storyboards up later.

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