Tuesday, 18 October 2011

IMax stuff

Unfortunately I have lost a lot of my rough cuts, somewhere within the 100 odd GB this project ate off of my computers HD. I have however found some of the key cuts, and of course the long awaited (or at least the long-hyped) final cuts complete with sound and all. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, from the late night re-edits to the early morning skype meetings with the art-director. Who to her credit is mad as hell but does know when things need a few frames shaved off for seemingly no reason. I found it very useful having meetings every other day and found that I was able to meet the demanding work shcedule, having only 10-14 days to actually work on this, including rendering, music sampling and arranging, particle creation, motion graphics and then doing half of it again in Russian. Overall I really learned a lot both about how much I can rely on myself to be able to do as well as the demands of the industry. It has done nothing but re-enforce my desire to work in th eindustry. Now enough blabbing on my end.

These first four videos are for the animatic, sorting out the timing and such, at this point nothing was under copyright, so the maimn issue was just to see how the text could look along with some particle experiments.

Finished animatic

Now unfortunately due to me foolishly saving multiple versions within thesame after effects file it has been almost impossible to track down the significant renders, however many of these would just be timing tweaks with little bits fitted on to the explosion.

So here's the final products, I would like to thankk all the guys at Fortune St. for having me work on this project and for being wonderful people to work with ( and thats not just cause im hoping they'll invite me to the grand iMax opening ).

and in russian

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