Thursday, 20 January 2011

back in black

Well the chritmas cheer is over and the new years eve hangover has begun to subside and so it is back to work.

Our main project this term is to choose between a pre-production assignment in which we'd make an animation bible.

Or we have the option of doing a post-production assignment in which we will have to composite 30/40 seconds of animation and film.

I have chosen to go postal.

This is the first experiment I did using 'Composite'.

I own none of those images by the by, it was just an experiment to get to know the program. I found that the technology was a combionation of very intuitive and complete bast***. However it definitely seems like something I need to master (and thankfully is a lot friendlier than maya).

I think the next big step will be to try and composite something in this before taking it into after effects to really jazz it up.

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