Tuesday, 9 March 2010


In all day. Almost entirely a waste of time as i missed out on the one part that wasnt a title strap. After many hours of nothing i went down an started convincing people that animation was better than static image. So a waste of time but here's some stuff i made. The football thing was ready a mere hour an a half from concept which irks me as it meant had i started on it maybe an hour sooner it would look better an wouldve made the final cut.

This was just a little demo i made to show how even the most basic an rudimentary movement can make straps look far more interesting but still not steal focus.

An here is my super-cheesy sports news graphic. Naff as hell but hey, took me an hour an a half...

Would have liked to add more to the flas and tinker with the glow sttings but i was going for speed over shinyness.

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